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Police Release Photo of Lomita Burglary Suspect

This past Thursday, police detectives from the Lomita Sheriff’s Station began asking for the public’s help to identify a man who burglarized a Lomita home while posing as a salesman for solar energy. The man would go from home to home talking about solar energy, but his real motive was to see whether anyone was home or not and to inspect possible entry points. Police were called at about nine in the morning to a home in the city of Lomita. When they arrived at the house, they discovered a smashed glass door and confirmed that a burglary had occurred. Unfortunately, the suspect was able to flee the crime scene before the police could get there. The residents of the Lomita house did have security cameras installed in the house and around the house. The video captured the suspect in the act of breaking in. Police described him as white or Hispanic, in his late 20s, with black facial hair, wearing a black, brimmed hat, black glasses and a navy blue denim type shirt and pants. If you have any information regarding this crime, then please contact the Lomita Sheriff’s Department as soon as possible.

robbery suspect

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