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Lomita bail bonds process.


When you or a loved one get arrested in Lomita, they will be taken to the Lomita Police Station located at 26123 Narbonne Ave Lomita, CA 90717. Once the convict arrives at the police station, an officer will conduct a body search to ensure that the defendant doesn't have any weapons or illegal apparatus on them. If the arrestee needs urgent medical attention, they will be taken to the Los Angeles County Jail instead, located at 450 Bauchet St Los Angeles, CA 90012. Once the convict gets booked and added to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Database, they will have to undergo a fingerprinting process to determine if they are wanted anywhere else in the country.

A machine called Live Scan will conduct the fingerprinting process. It takes from 45 minutes to a couple of hours for the process to be over. The convict will not be able to complete the jail release process in the city of Lomita until the police department receives the results from the scan. After the department receives the results from the scan, they will clear the convict for bail.

While our bondsman waits for the convict to get cleared for bail, they will contact you and set up a time and place for you two to meet and complete the paperwork necessary to post bail. When all the information has been filled out, our experts at Bail Bonds Lomita will continue to follow up with the jail until the convict gets cleared for bail. The final release process takes around half an hour to complete, and the convict will be in your custody.

After all the necessary paperwork is completed, we will instantaneously post the bail and hand one of you a receipt for the bond, which includes all the court information you need. The convict needs to show up to all their court dates, or the court will put out a bench warrant.

Bail Bonds Lomita



It can be extremely stressful when you or your loved one end up in jail, and not knowing how to choose a reliable bail bond agency illuminates an extra element of frustration.


Numerous bail bond companies can bail you out anytime during the day or night. Bail Bonds Lomita is the most trusted Bail Bond Agency near you. Bail Bond Lomita will post bail for you or your loved one so they can be released from the county jail as soon as 1,2,3.


Our agents are the industry’s best and most experienced bail bondsmen. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you out. 

We employ the finest and most trustworthy bail bond agents in town.

Our staff at Bail Bonds Lomita is highly educated, having obtained prestigious degrees. Our agents understand local jurisdictions and the intricacies of legal matters dealing with bail bonds.


We provide services 24/7 without exceptions and even on holidays.

You should contact our agency whenever you face any problem with posting bail. Since we have well-trained our bondsmen, you will get the best attention to your case. Using Bail Bonds Lomita gives you a free professional consultation and various payment options to suit your budget. 

How bail bonds work in Lomita, CA!
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