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Lomita Bail Bonds FAQs











What exactly is a bail bond?


A bail bond is an agreement between a bail bond agent and the client stating that the agent will post the full bail on behalf of the defendant. The bail bond agent must be backed by a surety company and the cost of the bail bond is a set percentage of the full bail amount.


How can I pay for a bail bond?


Sunrise Bail Bonds Lomita offers our clients the option of paying for the bail bond with any of the major credit cards, cash, or a personal check. We do also offer the option of a payment plan, but that may require some form of collateral.


Will I be charged interest on my payment plan?


No, we do not charge interest on any payment plan. Also we do not add any fees or charges for those clients on a payment plan. You will be paying the same amount overall as if you paid the full amount in the beginning.


What counts as a Felony?


A felony is defined as a degree of crime that is greater than an infraction or misdemeanor and it comes with a much more severe punishment than other crimes.


What counts as a Misdemeanor?


A misdemeanor is defined as a degree of crime that is less than a felony, such as major traffic violations or minor moral crimes.


What happens if I miss my court date?


If you miss your court date for some reason then you must contact your bail agent as soon as possible. The agent will provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to fill out so that they could recall the warrant on you. After the paperwork is completed and turned in, then the court will assign you a new court date.


How can I qualify for bail bonds in Lomita?


Our bail bond agency in Lomita makes it easy for anyone to qualify for a bail bond. We normally try to accept every bail bond application that we get. You will have to fill out some paperwork at our office or another location. Also you or the defendant will have to sign, assuming responsibility and promise that the defendant will show up to court until the case is resolved.


What counts as collateral?


Collateral is defined as any asset that holds value that we could hold until you have completed all of your payments or your case is resolved. The amount of collateral will depend on each separate case.


How long will hold the collateral?


We hold the collateral for the entire duration of the case or until you complete all of the payments on your payment plan. You will usually receive your collateral no later than 14 days after the case is resolved.


What is the cost of a bail bond for Lomita jail?


The cost of a bail bond is set by the state. The state of California has the price set at 10% of the full bail amount. There are no hidden fees or charges so don’t let any bail agency try to tell you that there is.

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