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About Lomita Bail Bonds

Located in the heart of Lomita, California, our Bail Bonds office in Lomita is only one of our offices dedicated to helping the residents of the city get their loved ones out of jail and in the...

lomita bail bonds team

​safety of their home as fast as possible. Our agents are extremely motivated and dedicated to serving the beautiful city of Lomita and it is each and every one of their mission to ensure that every single client is well cared for and treated with the respect that he or she deserves.


What makes bailing out of jail a good option, is that it allows the defendant to await trial from the safety of his or her home and it allows some time before the trial. This means that the defendant will not get pressured by the prosecutors to accept a plea bargain just so the defendant could be released from jail by admitting guilt. Our agents will make sure that you put the effort to fight your case in the city of Lomita instead of giving in before trial begins.


Our bail bonds in Lomita is open 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays and we welcome anybody to come into our office, whether its for a bail bond or if you need information about bail bonds and the entire process. Our agents are some of the best in the business and they will be able to prepare the necessary paperwork and get your loved one released from jail within the hour. Our agency will provide you with free information regarding bail bonds and the entire jail release process for free and our agents will make sure that you understand the entire process before asking you to complete any of the steps throughout the process.


All of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Lomita are highly trained and experts at completing bail bonds and are the most patient and kind people you will ever meet. Other bail bond agencies do not offer you the service and guarantee that we do at Bail Bonds Lomita, so it should be easy for you to decide which bail bond agency is best for you.

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