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Tip Leads to 850 pounds of Fireworks

An online tipster led police to discover about 850 pounds of illegal fireworks from a residential garage in Lomita about a week prior to Independence Day. The investigation began after a resident of the city of Lomita reported that fireworks were being stored and sold out of the garage of a home in the city of Lomita. When the police arrived at the house with a search warrant, investigators found about 850 pounds of illegal fireworks in the garage of the house. The homeowner was arrested for having more than eight thousand dollars’ worth of illegal fireworks. The investigation is still ongoing, however, and the charges against the homeowner will be filed with the Los Angeles County District attorney’s Office for possession of destructive devices. Police remind resident that only firework designated “Safe and Sane” are permitted in the city of Lomita. Police are also reminding residents of this fine city of the importance of safety and how illegal fireworks could end up killing someone or badly injuring someone that was not meant to be hurt.

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