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Lomita Woman Steals over $200,000 from two Men

A Lomita Woman is in custody right on 33 counts of forgery, identity theft and grand theft for using counterfeit checks to steal from two men. Lomita Sheriffs were investigating two incidents where a checks were being stolen from mailboxes, altered, and deposited into another account. The sheriff’s realized that they were investigating the same suspect for both incidents. According to the Sheriff’s Department, the 39-year-old woman was stealing checks that the men left in their mailbox to pay bills and she altered them so that they were made out to her and then she either cashed them or deposited it into her account at a different bank. Police say that she stole about $200,000 from one of the men and about $12,000 from the other. She was doing this for a while before they could get to her, but she is now being held in jail without bail and will most likely be found guilty next week in court.

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